Martin Bland

Holbein Drawings 2000 - 2004

When I arrived in New York in 2000, I started
keeping a visual journal of sorts, which made
use of whatever remnants of materials and
images I had at my disposal. While few of these
works turned into paintings, they did inform my
decision making, and to me show a move away
from materials handling which was so important
at the time, and towards an approach more
concerned with content and narrative. There are
perhaps 40 in all. The reason they are entitled
Holbein drawings is that they were generally
made in Holbein brand sketchbooks, and I made
a journey to see "The Ambassadors" during
this period at the British Museum. Norman
Bryson and Martin Jay were never scarce
reading material at the time as a matter of fact,
and this combination of things helped to
produce this group. Far too Post - Modern for
me now, but I was hovering in that area at the
time, not knowing if I would remain stuck there
like a fly in ointment, or if I would move on, as I
believe I have to a more transrational approach
to art making.
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